The Three Most Durable Woods

It is easy to tell quality in wood furniture without having to be an authority on the subject. All you have to do is carefully look at the construction, material, and finishing and take your time looking over a selection of pieces. Wood furniture comes in many different types and styles, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something that catches your eye. It also helps to become comfortable with some basic wood furniture terminology. Let’s take a look at three common wood furniture terms you should know

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First, there is the term “hardwood,” which refers to those woods that have had a tree treated with certain substances in order to make them more durable and less prone to rotting or cracking. Examples are oak, mahogany, maple, beech, pecan, and applewood. Some people prefer to buy hardwood furniture, especially oak, because they believe it gives an antique or older appearance. Hardwood has also been proven to increase the resistance to moisture, insect damage, and cracking.

The next wood furniture term you’ll come across is “softwood,” which simply refers to those woods that contain saponified resins that make them less dense and more pliable. This type of wood varies considerably, so it is usually more expensive than hardwood. You may find softwoods in exotic species such as teak or kauri. Softwood furniture often comes in pieces that are hand carved, so you may find pieces with elaborate designs or hand painted accents. Some manufacturers even use a resin in between the timber and the veneer to make it more flexible.

Next is “Laminates” and this refers to the wood veneer that is applied to the surface of a wood piece. While laminates are still not as affordable as solid wood, you do not have to worry about breakage as often with laminates. Also, while they are more expensive than hardwoods, they are often less expensive than solid wood veneers. However, laminate furniture cannot be sanded and stained like its hardwood counterparts. You must first finish the veneer and then paint it to achieve an elegant finish.

Last but not least on our list of durable woods is ” particle board” or “block-resin furniture made in China.” It is important to note that not all particle board is created equal; some brands are cheaper than others and some are not even real wood. Some particle boards are not even manufactured in the United States, which is why you have to be very careful when purchasing this furniture. There are many consumers who have purchased this type of furniture made in the United States and have been disappointed with the durability and quality of the product.

All three of these woods share some characteristics, though there are some notable differences. They all are easy to maintain and clean, they are relatively inexpensive compared to solid wood pieces and each has their own individual beauty. If you are in the market for new furniture, consider one or more of these three materials. Whether you purchase particle board, solid wood or block-resin, you will most likely enjoy your purchase over time as they prove to be long-lasting, durable and beautiful additions to your home.