Choosing the Location of Your TV Aerial to Get the Best Signal Possible

When choosing a TV aerial with the aim of getting the best signal possible one thing that you will get benefit from is choosing a local TV aerial company to provide you with your installation. The signal strength does vary a lot from region to region and a local company will have a great idea about which TV aerial would be better for your location. Of course it may help if you do have some knowledge about the different aerial types available.

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Location of the TV Aerial

Just as there are different types of aerials there are different aerials for different locations. For instance there is the typical aerial that goes up on the roof of your home, there is the aerial that can be installed in the loft, an indoor aerial and a set-top TV aerial letecké.

The roof is generally the most suitable location to install an aerial as the aerial can be placed high up and so it can get the best signal possible. This is due to the fact that as it is high up on the roof there is less chance of anything blocking the signal. Of course this wouldn’t apply if you happened to live in a region that was closely surrounded by tall buildings or trees. However in this situation you would definitely have to go with the roof aerial as the other locations for aerials wouldn’t be good enough to get a strong signal as the trees or tall buildings would block it. In the case of having a roof aerial a professional TV aerial installation company is a must.

An aerial can be placed in the loft of the home but this is usually only suitable for areas that have superb signal strength. There is a bonus if you are lucky in that a loft aerial can be installed by yourself relatively easy. The second bonus is that the aerial is protected from the elements such as wind and rain as it is under the roof not on it.

Benefits to a Professional Aerial Installation Company

While hiring a professional TV aerial installation company isn’t going to come cheap, there are many benefits to finding a good company. For instance a professional local company will know your region and they can advise you on the best location for fitting your aerial.

If you live in a region where the signal strength is very poor the aerial company may suggest that you have a wide gain aerial fitted on the roof. In some cases they may also suggest that the aerial is fitted onto a pole and bracket to get it up as high as possible so as to get the best signal possible.

A professional TV aerial installation company will also know the exact angle the TV aerial needs to be in order to pick up the best signal possible for your region. If an aerial is out of alignment by just a couple of couple of millimetres it could make the difference between getting good signal strength or you ending up trying to watch a TV picture that keeps breaking up because of a poor signal.