Tarps in the Big Apple

The Big Apple uses tarps as easy to raise canopies for shaded carnival tents in various neighborhoods as well as Central Park, where they’re frequently used as commercial party tents and even used as temporary galleries for art shows. They are used for residential party tents too, for birthdays or wedding parties. Tarps have also been seen used strictly for shade or to protect those inside from inclement weather. Parking in New York is often a problem and tends to be expensive, thus tarps are used as portable garages and even for carports. They also make great car covers! 

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The ever-present fruit stands in New York use waterproof tarps in order to protect their fruit when stormy or rainy weather strikes, the vendors raising them in seconds. Today there are even clear tarps available that enable those sellers to permit their customers to view the produce even though it’s covered with a tarp Tarpaulins

In the residential areas of New York you will see them used as boat covers, as well as children’s play tents. In the Spanish neighborhoods you see them used for fiestas as well as the wonderful quinceanera celebrations. Many are the Jewish men who have celebrated reaching manhood in Bar Mitzvah parties held under tarps. 

Tarps even keep New York dogs happy as can be. Many people use them as kennels so that their dogs are protected from the searing sun, falling rain or snow. New York has always been known as a construction city, where it seems construction never stops, and tarps have become de rigueur in construction sites, to protect workers and the expensive equipment, not to mention the wood piles needed in various construction sites that require lumber tarps. 

All manner of truckers use tarps in New York to cover their goods, or to cover fruit being delivered to the many markets in the area. In schools all over New York, they use tarps to cover and protect the beautiful hardwood floors in countless gyms. Moving out to the baseball field, you will see tarps used for athletic field covers, baseball tarps as well as infield covers. The various truckers who pick up leaves and small branches from yards everywhere use tarps as leaf covers. 

In winter, tarps are frequently used as a snow fence in New York, and many is the ice rink that utilizes tarps as liners. Painters throughout the city use tarps to protect furnishings and floors from paint spatters. In summertime it’s rare to not see a backyard pool covered with a tarp to retain heat and protect the pool from leaves and assorted debris. People in New York seem to endlessly be moving different articles and often one sees a family van whose carpeting is protected by a tarp acting as a cargo liner as they move various articles. Why Use a Poly Tarp?