Metal Shingle Roofing – Discover the Benefits!

If you own an historic home in need of new roof, or if you like the classic and elegant look of slate roofs, you might want to consider metal shingle roofing. This is a great modern-day option to the weighty and cumbersome installation of traditional slate. They are also available in a style that replicates wood shake tiles.

There are many styles and interesting textures available in this genre of roofing materials sure to please any design taste. There are also hundreds of colors and finishes if you desire a smoother or shinier appearance. Properly installed and maintained, this option can last for decades roofing shingles.

The option of metal shingle roofing offers many values to the homeowner. Perhaps the greatest of these are peace of mind and energy efficiency. When a neighborhood is tragically struck by fire, the main reason for the fire spreading from house to house is blowing embers.

These embers end up on the roofs of neighboring structures, setting them ablaze. This cannot happen with a metal roof! Along with this is the peace of mind of a safe and durable roof structure over your family’s home. Modern metal roofs will not rust or deteriorate and will retain their colors and luster through the harshest of climates.

Metal shingle roofing costs more than traditional shingle applications, but only at the outset. The second value of energy efficiency provides the homeowner years of savings on energy costs. The materials used in the total system offer better insulation against the elements, while reflecting the sun’s infrared rays back into the air.

The special coatings used keep the attic cooler in the summer, while the reflective properties assist with snow melt in the winter. These properties result in a 20% or higher savings in energy costs used to heat and cool your home.

Metal shingle roofing has come a long way from the historic tin roofs of the past. They can be used to preserve the integrity of your Victorian home by matching the decorative tiles of the past with the technology of today. The options also include the traditional log cabin tin roof look for those who wish to add just the right touch to a country home.

There is little or no maintenance necessary with these materials compared to the more traditional options. All these options are sure to please the homeowner with their lifetime warranties, durability and attractiveness.