What Size Polka Dots Should My Necktie Have?

If you haven’t tried a polka dot tie already, then you must. It goes well in most environments; business, leisure, semi-formal. A tie makes you look presentable and the type of tie you choose tells quite a lot about you. It also shows you value dressing well and that you take pride in your personal appearance. There are many types of ties available and the dotted ties are ties that are indeed fashionable and never go out of fashion. The size of the polka dots is an important criteria to be considered according to the occasion you are wearing it to. The more intricate and smaller dots, the more formal it looks. As the size of the dots increases it makes you look more playful or jovial which is fine when you have to wear a casual or a semi-formal attire polka dot dress .

For business, a tie is very important, it shows you believe in perfection and also a tie brings in the color in your otherwise solid colored or subtle, plain shirts and suits that you have to wear to work. On a normal day at work, a polka dot tie makes you look approachable because of its playfulness but the sizes of the polka dots must be really small at work otherwise you will come across as frivolous. For non-business occasions, a tie shows you are fashionable. And a polka tie at that, you are going to be a hit.

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Choosing a tie is not hard.

Firstly, you must choose your tie according to your built and skin tone; the width of your tie and the colour must be chosen accordingly. Then, the colors of your shirt and suit must be taken into consideration. With a “PD” tie you could never go wrong with plain, solid colored shirts and suits. With a black suit and plain white shirt you can wear a red tie with white dots or a black tie with white dots.You could also wear striped shirts but the pattern on the shirt should be different in size and design, the tie should stand out. With a striped shirt you should look at it from a distance and the colour which stands out you should choose a tie according to that. If blue color stands out then you can either match a tie with blue background and white dots or you could contrast it with a red tie. Then, you must consider the occasion you are going for; formal then stick with small and intricate dots and choose darker shades like burgundy red or navy blue.

The color of the season must be taken into consideration; in autumn and winter, darker, muted color shades are worn whereas in spring and summer, brighter, lighter colors are worn. In summer and winter, cool colors like purple, red, green, blue, etc are worn with difference in shades between summer and winter. In spring and autumn, warm colors like yellow, orange, brown, pale green, etc are worn.