Video Game Surgery – A New Way to Train Surgeons

Times have changed and the kids who grew up on video games are the budding surgeons of tomorrow. The researchers think that they may have stumbled upon a better technique to impart surgical skills to the new kids, by way of video games.

Subway Surfers Gameplay PC - BEST Games - YouTube

The whole idea of using computer animation for training stems from the need felt by trainers to give a comprehensive experience to the newbies. Till now, the basic ingredient in training was to show the learners how surgeries are performed, but this didn’t allow them to do it themselves using surgical instruments F95zone .

The researchers thought that a surgeon doesn’t just use her eyes, rather it’s also about a great deal of information available from the touch that aids surgeons. The new system can enable the trainees to learn by touching or through the “haptic feedback.”

The learners would also get a virtually real feel of the surgery, as the advanced computer animation program, from the Ohio Super Computer Center simulates many essentials, like movement of surgical instruments like the drill, or the the density of the bone. What’s more is that the virtual patients would even bleed.

It seems that the new age trainees wouldn’t even have an hesitation whatsoever, as they’re already familiar with video games and know the intricacies. For them the technology would appear to be truly cool and rocking!