Increased Direct Mail Response Rates Can Be Achieved Using Custom Mailing Packs

My research tells me something that is fairly obvious. If a nice shiny pack arrives in your business mail it will grab your attention more than any of the flat white envelopes. With that in mind, if you are planning a Business to Business direct marketing campaign, maybe you should consider some alternatives to white envelopes. Your main consideration should be to find a product that will have a very positive effect on the success of your direct marketing campaign. I am talking about bespoke mailing packs. The style is up to you but whatever you choose will be a massive improvement on a white envelope! custom printed mailer boxes near me

Promotional mailing packs can be made as folders, as sleeves with trays or as boxes. It would be a good idea to talk to your design agency about costs as it is quite possible that a campaign could be designed so that your promotional literature and the mailing pack could all be printed on the same sheet. This would have several advantages.

Let’s say that your promotional piece was a pop-up card printed on 350gsm art board. The agency could easily design a presentation mailing pack that would enhance the promotional product and increase the chances of the project becoming a success. The material would be suitable for both the pop-up card and the mailing pack and could therefore be printed on the same sheet. That would save money on printing and on die-cutting whilst also help to tie the whole project together.

Some promotional products, such as those with an automatic pop-up, are often supplied with their own custom-printed, sturdy, all-board mailers and they make a fine mailing pack. In fact, they can look quite ridiculous in an ordinary envelope. The internal rubber band tries to force the product to pop-up and as a paper envelope offers no resistance, the product pops up as far as the envelope will allow leading to your prestigious promotion looking something like a bag of crisps!

However, most manual interactive products are supplied just as they are, without a custom designed mailing pack but you can address that situation. If you have already made up your mind about using a certain style of interactive product such as a Starburst, a Flicker Card or a Dissolving Picture for example, then you can ask your design agency to look into making a custom mailing pack for these devices, too. It will convert your mailing into what the American’s call “dimensional marketing” and the success rates have proven to be far higher than “flat” mail in white envelopes. A glossy, printed pack looks much more like a gift and will be opened with anticipation.

Of course, mailing packs can be used to improve most promotional materials. Your product doesn’t have to be a high-action, interactive mailer. It could be that you want to create a different tone or it could be that the product that you are mailing just isn’t terribly exciting by itself. Wheel charts are a good example. Whilst wheel charts are very effective marketing tools, they can look pretty much like an everyday object and so to enhance their appeal as a promotional product you need to “dress them up” in an attractive mailing pack.