Causes and Effective Natural Treatments of Stretch Marks

Causes of stretch marks are the depletion of collagen. It can reduce skin integrity and end result can be stretch marks. The rupturing of minute blood vessels is involved in causing the initial pink discolorations of such blemishes. Some medical studies say that abnormal hormonal activity can also lead to this problem. Puberty, pregnancy, unexpected weight loss or gain, and major depression can cause the problem. The use of steroids can cause and exacerbate stretch marks. Poor diet can also cause of this skin disorder. Insufficient proteins, carbohydrates and fats may increase the risk of this problem 분당스웨디시.


Proper balanced diet is the best way to treat or prevent stretch marks. Diet should contain sufficient proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamin A, E and C. Diet should contain enough zinc, since this produces collagen. Collagen prevents depletion of skin tissues. But excess zinc may cause acne in certain skin types. Zinc supplement should be taken under professional guidance. Eat the food that is skin friendly. Healthy diet promotes proper tissue regeneration and prevents this skin problem.

Prevention is always better than treatment. The best time to prevent it is beginning time. When it is just beginning to be visible on your skin, start daily massage on affected areas. The use of vitamin K, almond oil and lavender oil has been reported as beneficial in treating and controlling it.

Drinking 6-8 full glass of water daily will promote proper hydration of skin tissue. Smoking is very harmful in this condition; smokers should quit or avoid it. The contents of cigarette smoke may cause skin tissue to lose its natural elasticity.

Moisturizing stretched skin areas with vitamin E-rich compounds is extremely recommended by skin care experts. This should be supplemented be daily oil massage to the affected areas. Massage from the extracts of avocado, aloe vera, jojoba, olive oil and almond oil is very effective home remedies for preventing and treating stretch marks.