Getting More Patrons at Your Casino

Does your casino need to draw new patrons, and provide more enjoyment for patrons who are already regulars? If so, regular comedy nights might be the perfect sa game addition to your lineup. There’s an added benefit to be had as well. Comedy shows are much less expensive than some other large-scale shows to produce. A comedy show is a very cost-effective entertainment option.

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Don’t think you have to use nationally known comedians for your comedy night to be a success. You can have a great show with 2 comedians, running 90 minutes of material. Regional comedians who are headliners at resorts and comedy clubs, or comedy tour shows, are a nice choice.

This can be a huge draw, especially for patrons who aren’t normally casino-goers. You’ll find an influx of 25-55 year old patrons, with just a little promotion and word-of- mouth. When new patrons come in, they are naturally going to want to check out all of the different amenities that the casino has to offer. They’ll likely visit the gaming tables, and have a bite at the restaurant or a drink at the bar while they are there.

Plus, patrons who would normally be coming in for gaming find comedy shows to be a nice break. A comedy show is a 90 minute intermission when they can laugh and relax. Then they can return to the gaming tables refreshed.

Casino comedy nights are gaining in popularity across the country, but especially in the Midwest. This is because in many location in the Midwest, the casino is located in an area where there is not a separate comedy club. The casino comedy night may be the only place for people to see headlining comedy acts, or get a taste of “big city” entertainment.

To ensure success for your comedy night, book your talent through an experienced and reputable booking agency that has experience in booking casino comedy nights. You want to make sure they are familiar with your region also, and the travel issues and audience tastes in this area.