Transform Your Bathroom With a TOTO Toilet

If you are a resident or have visited the U.S.A or Canada, chances are you have stopped to admire a Toto toilet. A leader in innovative and stylish toilet and bathroom designs and accessories, Toto is well known for the variety of designs, colours and functionality of its toilets. Whether you are remodelling your old bathroom or supervising the construction of a new one, there are several things you need to consider before you pick out the most suitable Toto toilet for you.

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First you need to consider if children, elderly, patients with back or leg problems etc. will be the ones using this toilet. A Toto toilet offers a variety of toilet solutions for the special needs of its users. Thus, they have the taller toilets for the elderly or patients with back pain, who find toilets of standard height difficult to use Togel . The Ultramax version is particularly popular for its elevated seats. If you have family members who use the toilet often at night, then the quiet flush and refill features of the Toto Drake might be useful to you.

The design of your toilet should be your second concern. If you feel the need to keep water consumption low due to environmental concerns or inadequate water supply scenarios, then the low water consumption Toto toilet could be your answer. The powerful siphon jet flush ensures adequate cleaning and by reducing the need to flush repeatedly, lowers water consumption. Models like the Toto Drake also have an ionized barrier that creates a slippery surface and inhibits germs and dirt from sticking.

The stylish elongated bowls that a Toto toilet offers could help you create a modern and stylish look for your bathroom. These bowls jut out more than the standard round toilet bowls and hence may not be suitable if space is a constraint in your bathroom. The range of colours available ensures that you are not stuck with the drab white or black options. However, it is advisable to exercise caution while choosing your colours as they are going to stay with you for a while.

A Toto toilet is ADA approved making them suitable for both toilets in public premises and at homes. Available in several models like the Ultramax, Drake, Soiree and Aqua, you need to see which toilet will be best for your needs.

Toto toilets have long been known to be some of the best toilets in the world and for the person who wants a beautiful looking toilet with a slimline design that will not take up too much space, the Toto AQUIA dual flush toilet could be just the thing you are looking for.

This neat looking two-piece toilet had an elongated skirted design and uses a low 1.6 gallons per flush, or 0.9 gallons per flush for the half flush mode. this makes it an excellent toilet if you are concerned about your water consumption and want to reduce it. The dual Max flushing system delivers extremely powerful flush for excellent bowl and rim cleaning.

The Toto AQUIA is a high profile two-piece toilet with sleek lines that are often found only on much more expensive models. Available in a number of colors it is quite likely that you may be able to incorporate this toilet into your existing bathroom suite. What are particular about it if it is not too bulky and the tank sits neatly behind the toilet bowl. This means it has a much smaller footprint than a lot of the other toilets available. I also loved the shape of this toilet and it certainly makes for easy cleaning.

If you would like to upgrade it you can add a soft close toilet seat or even a Toto Washlet bidet toilet seat for ultimate cleaning and hygiene. Fitting a Washlet to the Toto AQUIA is simple, but you will need to make sure that you have an electrical outlet in the restroom, and may well require some electrical work to do this. That said, this type of upgrade will turn the simple AQUIA toilet into a totally different animal which will impress you and your visitors.

Having used and installed a diverse range of toilet products over the last 20 years I have got to the point where I recommend the Toto to most of my customers. their products are relatively low-cost and simple to install, and after sales parts service is exemplary. This is not to say that the products from American standard and Kohler are not as good, but when you find a brand that rarely lets you down, recommendation is easy.