Market Your Business on a Zero Budget

Marketing your business online can be much more cost effective than offline marketing. In fact, you can effectively market your business at absolutely no cost! Another perk of online promotion and marketing is your products or services can be seen by millions of potential buyers. There are endless ways to advertise and promote your business online and in this article we will cover a few of these methods similar to backpage .

Blogging is an excellent form of advertising your business and services. There are countless sites that allow you to set up your blog at no cost. Blogging is comparative to an online diary. Post to it every day if possible, or at a very minimum 3-4 times per week. Write about business strategies, review products, new ideas, whatever you like! Be sure and put links to your websites on your blog and in your postings and articles. Submit your blog to directories, and make sure if you have a website to link it to your blog also.

Forums are another great avenue for free advertising. Find 4 or 5 forums that you like and that pertain to the type of business you are in. Post every day to the forums, making sure to have a link to your website in your signature, with a catchy phrase. One hint, when posting on forums don’t just submit blatant advertising for your business. Answer other members posts if you have a solution or tip that may benefit them. You will get much more respect from other members, and they will be more likely to pay attention to your business.

Advertising your business on sites such as MySpace, Craigslist, Backpage and other big sites is also very effective. These sites have free classified ads, as well as forums you can post to. One word of caution, don’t spam or post too many ads in a short time period as you can get banned from some of these sites. There are literally hundreds of thousands of free classified ad sites you can find to promote your business.

The best free form of advertising in my opinion is article writing. Writing articles on subjects that you are knowledgable about is a great way of promoting your business! Every article you write and submit should have your business url in your author box. When you write quality articles with good content, other sites such as ezines and newsletters can use your article on their own site, thereby putting your link on other sites as well! There are also a lot of other people with online businesses who may publish your articles on their own sites it the content is related to what their site is about.