How Do We Heal Our Relationship to Money – A User’s Guide to the Law of Attraction

Most people are drawn to the law of attraction because they want to learn how to attract more money into their lives. The unprecedented success of movies such as The Secret came because they rely heavily upon teaching people how to become rich. But for most of us, money hasn’t come as easily as The Secret promised; and now, some of us even doubt if the law of attraction actually exists in the first place.

According to spiritual teachers, the law of attraction is a difficult law to master, especially when it comes to money. For most people, there are hidden emotions around the subject of money. They often believe that money is the “root of all evil,” or that “only greedy people have it.” Its beliefs like these that keep many people stuck with their current money situation.

If you have any of these beliefs the first thing to avoid is beating yourself up over them How to Be Guided in the Present Moment . After all, they are shared by the majority of the population. In reality, it is a societal belief that is perpetuated by families, friends, and even the media. To not have these beliefs would mean that you were taught from a very young age to respect and even love money. Needless to say, this is usually the mentality of the exceptionally wealthy, and in time it will become your mentality as well.

Since beliefs are the catalyst to attitudes, and attitudes are the creator of thoughts, it’s important to get our beliefs about money in order before we try to attract more of it into our lives. There are several useful tactics you can use to mend your relationship with money. Here are three practices that have proved effective for those who have had trouble with the law of attraction.

The first thing you can do is spend a few moments a day holding a bill and deliberately sending light through it to the energy of money all over the world. Energetically speaking, this will call more money to you because energy is circular. Inevitably, what you send into the universe will always circle back- and when you use money as the focal point for your intentions, more of it will come to you in equal abundance.

We can also hold money and send healing light into our relationship to it. We can admit to ourselves that we have a less-than-perfect relationship to money, and in a way, we can almost offer it an apology. We can admit to it our fears, our guilt, our shame, our resentments, our beliefs of non-deserving around the subject, and declare that we will change our way of thinking in the future.

Expanding on this concept, we can also send healing light into the energy of money around the world. When we do so, we contribute to the overall healing of the global distortions, fears, and negative energy. When we act in this way it becomes a form of world service, which is well needed at the present state of global consciousness.

We can even bless a coin and leave it for someone else to find, thus showing that we already have wealth in our lives by wishing wealth for someone else. Remember, the law of attraction gives you more of what you feel like you already have; and when you give to others the same thing will always come back to you.

Lastly, we can actually bless, rather than curse our bills. We can try to view our bills as a symbol of the comfort and wealth that we all get to experience in our daily lives. For example, electric bills mean that we have electricity and heat, water bills mean we get to take hot showers, and phone bills allow us the convenience of contacting our friends and loved ones whenever we want. This is certainly a unique way to look at life, but it will put your mind in the correct state to increase your pulling power to money with the law of attraction.

As a wise man once said, it’s all about your perspective. And when you change your perspective and beliefs around money, you will begin to attract more of it than you ever thought possible.