Credit-By-Exam: Five Ways Adult Learners Can Save Time and Tuition Cost

Matthew, a project manager at a large semiconductor company, was pushed by his manager to start a college degree plan. Matthew never even finished high school, but instead, studied on his own to pass the GED. He also studied on his own, passing the test to gain the Project Manager Professional certification (PMP). Matthew was good at self-study, and wanted a degree quickly, so he became the perfect candidate for gaining college units by Credit-by-Exam CISM certification cost .

College Level Examination Program (CLEP). CLEP is the most popular option and has exams in liberal arts, languages, business, science and math. The completed tests are transferable to almost all universities for either 3 or 6 units. The CLEP website offers practice tests, study guides and locations of test centers. Costs for CLEP and all other Credit-by-Exam options are usually less than $100/test. Google: CLEP Exams

DSST Exams. DSST Exams previously were called DANTES Exams and were only for military personnel. Today, DSST Exams in liberal arts, business, education and criminal justice are offered to any student, traditional or adult learner. Test prep and test locations are on the website. Google: DSST Exams Excelsior College Examinations or UExcel Exams have many tests in areas not covered by CLEP or DSST, including Nursing and upper division (junior and senior year) business exams. Google: Excelsior College Exams

Thomas Edison College Examination Program (TECEP) is also a way to earn credit for previously learned knowledge. There are Upper Division exams in Network Technology and business, as well as exams in Public Relations, Technical Writing and Nutrition. Google: TECEP Challenge exams come from your local college or university. If you are already enrolled at a college and want to “test out”, your college may offer this challenge option. Usually a student will sign up to take the challenge exam, be given a list of study materials and take the final exam. The minimum score for the challenge exam is usually 75% or 80% to be counted as credit. Google: Challenge Exams or check your college catalog