In syar’i law, gambling is referred to as maysir and qimar which means “transactions for the ownership of goods or services carried out by both parties that benefit one party and harm the other party which is carried out by linking the transaction carried out with an action or event. “This is what makes gambling is forbidden in Islam.

If indeed humans use reason, of course gambling can indeed be detrimental, this is because mathematically the opportunities or risks given by bookies and gambling sites to win profits are very small judi domino 99 , which is what makes scholars agree that gambling is forbidden in Islam.

Gambling is forbidden in Islam

Currently, gambling games are getting more and more crowded. Various types of gambling games are available on the internet including soccer gambling, poker gambling, domino 99 gambling, and many other types that are very disturbing.

It is clear that gambling is forbidden in Islam so religious leaders forbid their followers to play or approach gambling. Because by participating in gambling, we play an active role or support enliven the gambling game itself.

In Islam a game can be said as gambling is the existence of assets at stake in the game, the game being played is determined by losing and winning, the party who wins in the game can take the property of the losing party which is used as betting material.

Of course gambling is haram in Islam, this is based on several hadiths that do contain prohibitions about gambling and the sins that players will receive if playing gambling in Islam.

The hadith referred to among them is “Asked Anas Did you bet in the time of the Prophet s.a.w? Did Rasulullah s.a.w bet?

Anas replied that he had bet a horse and the bet was won by the Messenger of Allah s. a. w. And he likes it and admires it too.” (Hadith History of Ahmad)

Under any circumstances and for any reason gambling is forbidden in Islam. Which of course is hated by religion. Therefore it is necessary for a Muslim to stay away from these actions which are prohibited by religion. Which of course the act can cause a big sin for those who do it.


Staying away from gambling needs to be done for those of you who are already in the circle that is forbidden by Islam. Gambling is haram in Islam and for those of you who have never played or been involved in the game, don’t ever try to do it.

Because gambling itself has an addictive nature which can make it difficult for players who are already in the circle to stop. Because apart from religion, of course, gambling also has a negative impact on your mental health, where you can be depressed because of the defeat that the gambling game gives you. And it is not impossible that you will commit criminal acts just because of the gambling game.

Here’s how you can stay away from gambling for those of you who are already trapped in the gambling, namely going to the recitation, going to the recitation can make us slowly get out of the circle that makes us addicted.

Because of course in the study there are many positive activities, including getting closer to the creator and realizing the sins that are given in Islam for people who play gambling games. The second is that you can help your family to get out of the game because the role of the family is certainly very important to stay away from illegal gambling in Islam. Stay away from gambling, remember carefully that gambling is forbidden in Islam.