Is Online Poker Rigged?

Online poker is not rigged. The poker sites make their money from the rake not you losing a hand. With that being said the question you should be asking yourself is whatdo I need to watch out for while playing online? There are hackers that claim they have programs that allow them to cheat. But I don’t believe them. If you are being cheated the culprit is most likely another player at the table not the online poker site.

Offshore poker sites

The rake is the money the online poker site collects from the players each hand. It is a percentage of the money that is bet. At most sites there is a cap on the rake, therefore it is in the sites best interest to leave things alone and have many players making mostly normalsmall bets . The reason you may see more big hands like a straight flush or four of a kind online is the play online is generally loose especially at low money tables. The more players in a hand means its more likely that a someone will draw a monster hand. Its not the way the program is shuffling the cards.

Hackers that claim they have hacked the poker sites are usually trying to sell you some kind of cheater program. These programs don’t work and are nothing more than a scam. The online poker sites are super secure these days. A reputation of security and fairness equals new customers and cash to a poker site, so they go to great lengths to achieve this.

If you have been cheated online it was most likely wile playing against two or more players that were in collusion. This is when two players secretly communicate with each other about their hole cards and betting strategy. To guard against this watch for players that always play slow before the flop because this is when they are communicating and plotting against you, also look out for a guy that keeps raising and reraising with nothing because he’s trying to jack up the pot for hispartner or push out players that may win. Poker sites watch for players that only play together. The cheaters quickly get spotted by the players or the poker site and are not anything to worry about.