Warning! Do Not Buy A Trunki Suitcase Before Reading This Article!

In the wide array of options for luggage for kids there is only one that will entertain children for a long time, and probably make long travelling trips a little less grueling electric wheelchair. In the array of rucksacks and wheeled suitcases are the Trunkis, unmatched in the children’s luggage world. Trunkis are not only hard-sided wheeled suitcases for youngsters, they are also wonderful little ride on toys, brilliant for airports and train stations!

Skyline Spinner Suitcase - Gray : Target

Trunkis were the first ride-on kids suitcases on the market and have been smartly thought out so that youngsters are able to pack their own cases, and also enjoy toting them around. Delays at airports or train stations will no longer seem as stressful, as little children will be pleased to have some more time to whizz around on their Trunkis!

Trunkis are manufactured from lightweight plastic with a formed saddle found on the top. Four wheels are inset into the case, plus a front stabilizer so that kids shouldn’t take a tumble. Every suitcase has two handles styled like horns on the front as well.

As well as the handle straps, Trunkis come with a longer strap so that parents can pull young children while sitting on the case, the ideal solution following a tiring flight. The strap can also be used by mum or dad to carry the kids suitcase across their shoulder in a hurry.

Trunkis are perhaps one of the most ingenious pieces of luggage for kids, as they can also be used as a perfectly functioning ride on toy. Trunkis sport a rubber rim to keep safe wee fingers, stretchy packing straps, an id tag and every childs favourite, a secret compartment! Please do keep in mind that Trunkis are only approved as hand baggage.

Mums and Dads could inquire why they should want extra suitcases for kids, when they could just as easily pack their youngsters things into their existing adult suitcases. Travelling is often tough on toddlers, and even the best thought out plans can go wrong. All children love to climb things, ride on things and be whizzed along, and traditional suitcases are not made for such activities. Frustrated tots lead to frustrated mums and dads.